While Norm is talking nonsense, I’m talking about your money.

Have you seen this editorial in the Courant? If you haven’t you should.

While my opponent is rolling out a shopworn, identity-politics smear campaign, I’m still here, talking to voters — as I have been for months and years — about the deep and troubling fiscal issues facing our state.  Meanwhile, Norm and his wealthy elitist friends just dumped almost $90,000 into the race with a massive TV ad buy to spread lies about me and my record.

My record of fiscal conservatism and habit of carefully guarding taxpayers’ dollars as my own is well established.  During my three terms in the State House, I have been consistently on record calling attention to the lack of focus on our budget.

A particular example: when the Democrat majority recently pushed for changes to sexual assault policies and penalties — something I would ordinarily support —they were simultaneously cutting funding for rape crisis centers and domestic violence shelters.  These are vital services to assist victims! In my vote on HB 5376I felt compelled to stand up to highlight their hypocrisy. 

Another example:  when updated revenue consensus data was released showing the state budget as being hundreds of millions more dollars in debt than originally estimated, on the very same day, the legislature’s majority instead choose to debate lactation consultants rather than crafting an updated balanced budget. That year the budget was settled FIVE months late,  causing turmoil in every community across the state.

Yet another:  this past session Governor Malloy nominated dozens of judges to lead courtrooms that are underfunded, understaffed and contending with substandard security. I voted no for every judicial appointment last year not because I opposed any specific nominee, but rather to call attention to this specific issue. My constituents have come to rely on me to lead on the issues that affect them and restoring our fiscal health is at the top of their list.

The sad reality is that we are looking at over $4.6 billion dollar deficit in the upcoming biennial budget. We deserve to have a state senator ready to walk into the Capitol on day one who understands the committee process and how the current (albeit flawed) budget process works. The state’s massively underfunded obligations to pensioners is the financial equivalent of an unexploded bomb. As a legislator I have been ringing this alarm bell on this for a very long time; last year I in fact created a plan to start paying down this debt.

While I respect my colleagues, it remains that our Democrat legislative majority has continued to ignore the report from the Fiscal Stability Commission.  While the commission’s  findings and recommendations are not a panacea, the plan is one that is balanced and should be fully debated.  Further, there are parts of this plan that could be implemented immediately, if only they would be taken up by the legislature. One proposal mimics earlier legislation I submitted to redraft the state budget process. Guess how that went?

These are just a few examples of why we need to have a Republican majority in the Senate. At the front doors of almost 7,000 homes my campaign has knocked on so far, our fiscal crisis is the top issue I hear about, loud and clear.

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