What’s at Stake

Fair and equal representation on both bodies of the legislature is elemental to better governance.  If you want a voice in Hartford that knows the unique concerns of constituents in the small towns of the 33rd Senate District, Melissa is the obvious choice.

The tied Senate Chamber has provided the ONLY opportunity to accomplish positive outcomes during the last two years. Electing Melissa will continue to benefit the towns of Portland, East Hampton, Colchester, East Haddam, Lyme, Haddam, Deep River, Chester, Essex, Old Saybrook, Westbrook, Clinton and the entire State.

What's at Stake


  • Phase out of Tax on Social Security
  • Phase out of Tax on Pensions (Link)
  • Constitutional Spending Cap
  • Statutory Borrowing Cap
  • Record Growth in Rainy Day Fund
  • Reinstate Education Cost Sharing Grant for all 169 Towns
  • Mandatory Voting on Union Contracts


  • Sales and Income Tax Increase
  • New Cell Phone Tax
  • New Tire Tax
  • New Local Option Restaurant Tax
  • Congestion Tolling
  • New Spending and Earmarks