Elect Melissa Ziobron

My opponent’s negative campaigning started early!

It should come as little surprise to anyone that Norm Needleman’s first substantive statement about me has been negative. Rather than speak with any knowledge or depth about the serious fiscal issues facing the state, Mr. Needleman has chosen instead to attempt to link me to the policies and actions of a Presidential cabinet appointee, and in so doing falsely portray me as someone hostile to women’s issues.  This is distraction and empty virtue-signaling that does not reconcile with the entirety of my positions and voting record. Further, I find it troubling that he has chosen to engage in the type of D.C. partisan brinksmanship that residents of our district — on both sides of the aisle — have rejected.

The reality is that I am pro-choice, moderate Republican  who has cosponsored numerous bills that protect women. The very idea that somehow I could forget my role and responsibility as an elected official, woman and mother is at best disingenuous, if not utterly preposterous, particularly in the context of a race for a State Senate seat.

Mr. Needleman should instead consider explaining to the voters of the 33rd Senate District how he plans to fulfill his duties in the legislature while not giving up his position as First Selectman of Essex. Better still, he should demonstrate some knowledge of the actual issues facing the legislature, rather than deploying divisive rhetoric.

In a recent conversation with Mr. Needleman, he pledged to me that his campaign would not sling mud. I took those comments at face value. Regrettably, Norm Needleman’s actions tell a different story.