State Representative Melissa Ziobron Running for State Senate - 33rd District

Letter to the Editor from Dr. Joseph A. Olzacki

To the Editor:

After the fiscally disastrous Malloy years where the Legislature and governor’s office spent far beyond our means, there was and still is a bright light – her name is Melissa Ziobron. Melissa, as a Republican represented the 34th district – the towns of East Hampton, East Haddam and Colchester. On multiple occasions and most recently with her support of the Holocaust and Genocide Education Law, I experienced a legislator whose focus was more on fiscal responsibility and constituent needs. I would call her, leave a message and always, yes always received a call. Melissa always asked the tough questions and what she has proved too many was that she is a responsible legislator who works across party lines to do what is best for our state. Her dedication to our causes and as a passionate fiscal conservative, we need more like her in our Connecticut State Legislature. I have to wonder when individuals criticize her, with her stellar record; you would ask our state to accept less from another candidate. I listened to her opponent and outside of passionate anger, he has no platform.

In times of division, we need a proven unity builder and not an angry politician. Melissa Ziobron has the passion, intelligence, high expectations and experience to continue to serve our communities well. My family and I are supporting Melissa Ziobron for State Senate.

Dr. Joseph A. Olzacki

East Hampton, Connecticut