Great news about Gillette Castle!

It may be odd to consider in midsummer: but the festive atmosphere of “Christmas at the Castle” has always been something many in our community have looked forward to. Sadly, in recent years, due to budget cuts, the Christmas events at Gillette Castle had been set aside. While as a legislator I appreciate the need for austerity, that cancellation was a disappointment for many, myself included. As a resident of East Haddam, a booster of our public parks and former President of the Friends of Gillette Castle, finding a way to restore this annual event was of particular concern to me.

To that end, I began inquiring with CT DEEP as to what would be required to restore these events to the Castle. Once I obtained the information, I set about to find a way to underwrite the event, working with Wendy Vincent (current President of Friends of Gillette Castle) and Dominion Energy (operators of the Millstone Power Station).

After facilitating this private/public effort, I am very excited to announce the return of Christmas at Gillette Castle State Park! This year it will even include volunteer groups from other state parks all across the state! CT DEEP staff at the Castle will be staffing the event. They are just as excited as we are!

Mark your calendars: Gillette Castle will be open every weekend between November 23 and December 23. Staff from the CT DEEP, dozens of local volunteer groups — along with volunteers from Millstone Power Station— will participate in the effort to decorate the castle and grounds for the season.

Just as in years past, there will be special events every weekend. Details are currently being developed, and you can be sure I will share them as soon as they are available. The Friends of Gillette Castle are always looking for more volunteers: please visit their Facebook page for more information. I look forward to seeing you there!

Your friend,