Melissa Ziobron for State Senate 33rd | It’s Unanimous!
State Representative Melissa Ziobron was the unanimous choice for over forty Republican delegates at a nominating convention held earlier this week.
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2018 Swingbridge Update!

From May 1 through October 31: The draw shall open on signal for commercial vessels. For recreational vessels, the draw shall open on signal, except that from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m., the draw need open for recreational vessels on the hour only.

photo courtesy of Eweather

photo courtesy of Eweather

From November 1 through April 30
: The draw shall open on signal for all vessels, except that from 8 p.m. to 4 a.m., the draw shall open on signal if at least six-hours notice is given by calling the number posted at the bridge.



As some of you know, at my request in 2015— CT DOT began an electronic sign up for texting alerts for the East Haddam Swing Bridge during openings or delays.

Want text alerts to your smart phone? It’s super easy! Just send a text message to: 40404 and type “follow ctdot_ehaddambr“ and you are DONE!

Here is a link for further explanations:

If you want to use Twitter follow these instructions, if you already have a Twitter account skip to #2…..

  1. Sign up, it takes 7 seconds:
  2. Follow (or you can type into search bar: ctdot_ehaddambr)
  3. Make sure you click “follow” on the bridge twitter page
  4. If done correctly you will receive a text message to your phone that will look like the photo! You will only get text messages when the bridge is OPEN or CLOSING, so it may be minutes or hours before you receive a text message!